Written by Javier Olivera

“Milagros” is the story of a Mexican-American cop whose blindness brings him back to his old barrio where he reluctantly accepts treatment from a curandero; in this case a comatose young woman the neighborhood has found and named Milagros. Confounding all expectations, the treatments actually work, gradually restoring his sight but simultaneously plaguing him with unexpected visions of a crime as seen through someone else’s eyes, thus making him both the witness and victim. “Milagros del Rio” is a moving story about roots and reconciliation in the form of a thriller.

Written by Diana Lowery and Douglas Bradley

Milagros del Rio (Miracles of the River)

A woman suffering from a brain stem stroke recovers after being immobile in a hospital bed for thirteen years. Without any hope of recovery, her husband has stayed married to her only in order to wage a court battle on her behalf and respect her wishes to end her life support, which has been vehemently opposed by her parents. Lisa now finds herself recovering in her old home with her husband’s live-in lover, his new son, and a teenage daughter who barely knows her. A deeply moving drama that explores the ethical  issues of continuing life support to “helpless” patients illustrating the emotional consequences of making these decisions.


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