Our Team

Our creative and production team brings a host of talents and abilities to our production company.

Partner, President of Production

Armand Garabidian brings a wealth of expertise in all facets of production to Night Owl. Since receiving his graduate degree in Film Production from UCLA, Armand has worked extensively in film, commercials and TV as a Sound Editor (Molly and Gena”), Post Production Supervisor (“Three Ninjas IV”), Film and TV Director (“Silk Degrees”, “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers”), and a Producer (“Iron Palm”). Armand is dedicated to advancing the proposition; good; fast and cheap, we can do all three.


Ephraim Schwartz had already worked as an assistant casting director at EPIC and an agent in training at the Writers and Artists Agency before deciding to get his MFA in Film Production at UCLA. Developing his literary skills, he did a stint as a reader and story editor, worked for the Sundance Institute, and wrote for Canal Plus and ABC-TV. He has produced both commercials and film and is now acquiring and developing a varied and marketable palette of projects at Night Owl.

Partner, President of Development and Acquisitions

Associate,  Annick Wolkan

Since graduating from Columbia College in Chicago with a degree in filmmaking, Annick has produced a short film that screened at the Cannes Film Festival, and produced a feature length documentary on special needs children (“Take a Bow”). Annick worked as the assistant to the producer on “Nostalgia” before moving into her present position as an associate producer and shepherding a slate of projects through Night Owl.